A bit About me

I am a local attorney you can call upon for the few times in your life you need one: buying or selling your home or investment property; drafting a Will, Powers of Attorney or a Living Trust. I have extensive experience counseling older clients, so feel free to bring your relatives in, where we can meet to see if they’re comfortable having me take some of the stress and worry out of their


Real Estate

I have closed hundreds of deals over the 30 years I have practiced as a sole practitioner in this area. I will work through any issue that might arise, and keep you advised of the progress, from the signing and negotiation of the contract to a successful closing.

Estate Planning

The uses and various purposes of Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney can be confusing. I am happy to meet to answer all of your questions, and agree on a way forward to resolve any concerns you might have.

Decedent's Estates

The passing of a loved one can be overwhelming without having to worry about any necessary legalities. When the time is right I will meet with any interested parties, answer all of your questions and make a plan to resolve any outstanding issues as promptly as possible.


Common Questions

As soon as you click the contact me button and submit a message, I will get an email and I will reach out to you. You can also contact me by phone at 773-775-6000

Depnds on the case, but as soon as we start working together, I will make sure you are well informed along the journey. 

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